Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Winkles that Rejuvenate

Some Wrinkles Rejuvenate

 I reconnect with my friend who was my school mate and with whom I shared those moments of pristine innocence, those days when we were yet to be inflicted with the curse of identity, and Ego. The reconnect thaws ,strips and peels away the layers of identities and idiosyncrasies. It divests us of all those robes and roles that time forced us to adorn. It reveals our  unadulterated selves that bonded with no intent or objective. The absence of any motive was always mutual and served as the common thread that weaved us all together into a mosaic that was varied colourful and beautiful with no hue of any dark shades of jealousy, comparison or competition. The interactions back then had a purity and a total disdain for any material, intellectual or social considerations. Being affluent or academically endowed did not serve to establish any hierarchy. It was a level playing field. Time in due course introduced the scourge of hierarchy and stratification. Reconnecting with school mates refreshes those moments of innocence and playful banter. It ushers in those moments where acceptance was never doubted, camaraderie was purposeless, affiliations were spontaneous and innocuous. As I spent those few hours with Milind Pradhan, I was transformed back to the fat, mischievous, sweating 'Randukkar' my erstwhile nickname, and I had to restrain myself from surprising  him and giving him a bear hug.   I used to do that just before assembly in school and it used to really annoy milind who prided his ironed and creased uniform which used to get crumpled and  smeared with my sweat. I guess if I had done it, this time he would have probably liked it and greeted me with a smile and given a dam about his blazer. Sometimes ,stains and creases anoint  this perfect rather ' starched' but yet impersonal existence with unexpected, spontaneous, tender,poignant imperfections.  Some wrinkles rejuvenate

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