Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Physics of non duality

The   Physics  Of   Non-duality

The double slit experiment in physics accorded  the photon  the  miraculous ability to be simultaneously present at two places. The monophotonic beam still effecting interference was undeniable testimony to this impossible conclusion. Closer  scrutiny of the photons by a juxtaposed camera near the slit  added to the chagrin. The photon now, reverted to its particle form, suggesting an incredulous awareness to the photon. To mutate from a wave to a particle form, when it realised it was under scrutiny. The wave and the particle  "states" are quantum superposition states that manifest in an 'either or ' dichotomy  that is observer sensitive. Analogous to the  Schrodinger cat being simultaneously   dead and alive , the photon exists in a wave and particle form simultaneously. Till, the observer squashes the superposition possibilities to an "observed" single outcome, the unobserved remains both, simultaneously.
Sensory comprehension is handicapped  with the  "either or" paradigm and can cognise only a polarised ,committed ,tangible alternative. 
Sensory perception,is processing and assimilating gigabytes of tangible  unequivocal polarity. Either one of  the duality. Wave or particle, Day or night, sad or happy, black or white, dead or alive and so on. The perceptive faculties cannot perceive  a simultaneous concurrent duality that is inclusive rather than exclusive, based on 'and '. 
Dead and alive at the same time, is inconceivable. An impossible oxymoron that paralyses the intellect into a shutdown. The sharp edge of reason coupled with a perceptive bias cleaves this integrative intangible 'superposition '  into  fragmented tangibility. An irony, where the piece makes more sense than the whole. A jigsaw puzzle, that becomes incomprehensible when complete. 
The wave particle conflict  reflects limitation of perception.  
The brain is programmed to interpret unity  as a partial 'virtual ' diversity. Much the same as a drop of water splits light into a spectral  delusion.
The brain permits only an "either or" program to serve as the operating system. A binary code that can have only one of two values at any given point of time. Assigning  both values simultaneously corrupts the software and hangs the system. Duality is a perceptive warp, that coerces the senses into a distortion of the fundamental Nonduality. 
Non duality  represents a 'paradigm shift' from this reductionist 'either or' syntax to a holistic  'and' awareness . 
Rephrasing  the immortal words of Tagore-
"Where the awareness is without illusion and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where reality has not been broken up into fragments"
Nonduality alludes to an undifferentiated whole, that is not exclusive, but  inclusive. A quantum superposition state, that reveals all quantum states as  an unqualified oneness. An awareness that transcends  'attribute and form' , sagun saakaar, the progenitors of the subject object dichotomy to an exalted 'Nirgun niraakaar' state.
An awareness that becomes aware of this duality based sensory deception.
Aptly described by philosopher saint ,Tukaram as 'saandili triputi' or ending the trilogy of  the observer,observed and observation. A grand unified theory of sorts, that makes all  answers redundant ,by unifying the questions ,the seeker,and the questioning.
Until that quantum Leap of consciousness occurs, our perception will remain mired in the 'either or' domain. 
The 'wave ,particle ' conflict will continue to haunt us till  a 'wave' of realisation sweeps over  our  'particulate '  perceptive distortion.

Dr Deepak Ranade 
(The author is a consultant Neurosurgeon -

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Binary expression of manifestation

Duality, the binary code of creation

Binary numbers were first described in Chandashutram written by Pingala in 100 BC. A  mathematician and philosopher by the name of George Boole published a paper in 1847 called 'The Mathematical Analysis of Logic'  now known as Boolean algebra. Boole’s system was based on binary, a yes-no, on-off approach. Claude  Shannon , a graduate student in MIT,noticed that the Boolean algebra was similar to an electric circuit. Shannon implemented his findings in his thesis, which  triggered the use of the binary code in practical applications such as computers, electric circuits, etc.
In simple terms, the binary code converts all information into a code, a bit, that either can be a "on" or "off". A "1" or a "0"
All the complex data that is transferred via the information technology revolution is actually transmitted as a  series of  of "on " s and  "off "s

The on and off  or 1 and 0 represent two states,  presence and absence. A duality of being and not being. The transmitting computer codes the data into this simplified binary signal, a machine language, that is incomprehensible to our conventional sense organs. It transmits this signal as a coded                     "off and on "signals . The receiving computer then decodes  this data,reconverts it into information  comprehensible to our gross senses. 
This binary system reduces all information to an "either or " paradigm, and then disseminates this information at speeds that depend on the bandwidth of the communication pathways. 
The brain, all it's intricate networks notwithstanding is also a data processing application, that not only codes and decodes but also simultaneously  generates, stores and processes data.  All that we experience, understand, comprehend  may also be transmitted and stored as a code that has "being " and "non-being" as a  bit of information in the "brain language".
Presence and absence are the units of manifestation. Consciousness supersedes both these states, as nothing also needs to be perceived. 
The tangible being expressed as a  probability of being existent or  non existent, entirely relying on cognition.  Like the paradoxical Schrodingers cat  simultaneously  dead and alive. 
For  cognition  of something existing,  a state of non-existence has to exist simultaneously. These two states are not mere opposites, but rather are complementary to one another. Each depends on the other for its comprehension. " To Be or not To Be" are the units the of expression and comprehension of this manifestation . The standard model  in physics also predicts the existence of an equal and oppositely charged particle for every subatomic particle. Anti matter is the predicted complementary opposite of matter. Quantum physics becomes incomprehensible because it is attempting to look at the conventional "either or " paradigm of  binary with a  holistic                  "and "simultaneity . The wave particle binary being reinterpreted as a perceptive delusion of  singularity. 
The brain can comprehend, store and communicate only in a binary code
"pleasure-pain, light-dark, black-white, and so on all complementary opposites.
As information gets more complex, this binary code gets further intricate reigning in shades of subtleties, but the basic "on off "remaining the fundamental  units.
 Time and space are units of the matrix, necessary to separate being and non being.  These two parameters are necessary to delude a discreteness  spatio-temporally , to generate an illusion of separateness. 
The perceiving entity or consciousness has the discriminatory ability to comprehend both states, being and non being. This state has to be supra existential, and would comprehend "non existence", as the complementary of existence.  To comprehend non existence as a "state" rather than merely an absence or void. 
All manifestation is a binary encoded expression of  "being" and " non-being" and  realisation is a state of holistic non polarised awareness that the ultimate truth is beyond  being and non being,  beyond time and space,  from eternity to eternity in eternity.

Dr Deepak M Ranade
(The author is a consultant Neurosurgeon -

Friday, August 31, 2012

Memory of the body, mind and intelligence

     Memory of the body, intelligence and mind.

The recently concluded Olympic games was a window into mans determination, perseverance and quest for perfection. Those perfectly sculpted bodies, those precision packed performances, the grit, the competitive spirit, all very awe inspiring. The performances at times reflected a sublimation of effort that invoked an inexplicable celestial intervention.
Perfection was probably this connect with divinity at will.  An incredible coordination, that had to synchronise with a timely burst of energy, based on an intuitive assessment of the competitor.
 A masterly control  over the mind and  body. 
When the legendary Carl Lewis, who relived his heroes accomplishments of four golds ,in the Moscow Olympics was asked the secret of his success, his answer sounded deeply spiritual. He said " I have mastered the art of self denial" , a yogic discipline so to say.  
Discipline, sincerity,hard work,   develop a memory of sorts,  of the body, intelligence and the mind. 
Aptly put by  the Indian wrestler, a silver medalist  in the recently concluded games, the body seemed to forget it's training if he skipped  exercise and practice even for a single day.  The memory, generated by such dedication and discipline is quite  short lived . It needs continuous reaffirmation to function with a perfection. The body, as in the muscles and the cardio pulmonary system might have a memory of  a week or two at best. After which, the memory drops , as does the performance, and one had to restart all over again. 
Rigorous discipline, dedication, and hard work, seems to generate an acquired ,peripheral intellect and memory in each muscle and joint.  What might be referred to as the sub- conscious. Once this peripheral intellect and memory kicks in,  it no longer needs to depend on the central control station (the conscious intelligence and memory) for instructions. This decreases response time drastically, the crucial few milliseconds , that separate the gold from silver, ecstasy  from despair. If this memory is lost, it is retrievable albeit with renewed efforts and vigour.
The intellect, that is razor sharp, too needs constant sharpening and reaffirmation. If ineglected, the blunted intellect drops its surgical precision and can make a messy , decision, that grossly lacks timing with disastrous consequences. The memory of the intangible intelligence is certainly shorter than the memory of the more tangible body. The memory of this intelligence is called discrimination. (Vivek buddhi)  This memory of the "intelligence" can be infected by  a host of viruses of the mind.  It needs to be regularly updated by  an antivirus software of rationality and pragmatism . Failing to do so , the intellect can malfunction totally. To the point of acting as if it were non existent. 
The shortest memory of all is the memory of the mind. In a flash, the mind can forget that the outcome of ones efforts is not in ones control.. This amnesia is the ego. The memory that we do not have "doership" needs to be reaffirmed every moment, with each breath. Doership  , as in the ability to effect a desired outcome by ones own effort. A momentary lapse of memory, and the ego takes charge of the self.  Amnesia of this type initiates a tirade of self glorification, self indulgence that gives a high.  Till it remains in the domain  of the favourable,  one still enjoys this high. If , however it results in an unfavourable outcome, the ensuing self persecution, despondency  and frustration can adversely affect  the "Joy de vivre" of existence. A constant reminder and awareness of this truth  at a subconscious level  effects detachment, a state of liberation.  This memory and awareness that "I" am not merely the body, needs to be developed by a discipline and effort . The memory that we are not immortal, the memory that we are fallible, the memory that the transient form is merely a manifestation of the eternal formless.
The irony is that once  the memory of the mind is lost,  the sense of doership reigns.  The ego perpetuates itself,  and  becomes  all pervasive,swinging the consciousness from pleasure to pain,. It may at times take a lifetime to recover,  or, may be lapse forever. 

Dr. Deepak M Ranade
(the author is a consultant neurosurgeon-

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The True God Particle

The discovery of the Higgs Boson ,  bearing the misnomer "The God Particle" has stirred up the the passions of the scientific as well as the spiritual  communities. Censored  to God from goddamned, the act of eliminating profanity from the original  expression  of exasperation by Lederman deified this elusive particle, the perpetrator of  mass in the sub atomic realm. The standard model of physics broadly predicts two categories of sub atomic particles ,viz  fermions and bosons. Bosons, are  particles with an integer spin, with the same energy can occupy the same place in space. They are the force carrier particles. While most bosons are composite particles, in the Standard Model, there are five bosons which are elementary: the four gauge bosons (γ · g · Z · W±) and the Higgs boson (H0)n contrast,  Fermions , particles with a half integer spin,(leptons and quarks) are the building blocks of matter.  Forces are mediated by  massless particles operating at the quantum level.  The tangible at the mercy of the intangible. The Higgs Boson lends tangibility to the intangible (massless) subatomic world.  The standard model however fails to provide answers at the macro level. It cannot explain gravity, an  extremely weak force, that gets amplified by humongous sizes of the objects that seem to generate this attraction over equally massive distances. The graviton (G), a hypothetical elementary particle not incorporated in the Standard Model, if it exists, must be a boson, and could conceivably be a gauge boson.  The micro and the macro appear to have a schizophrenic dichotomy  of underlying scientific explanations.  The Theory  of everything still  a far cry aims to reconcile this existential aberration. Consciousness  as is conventionally understood  is an attribute of  the "life force" at the macro level. An extrapolation of the standard model hypothesis should   predict a massless particle to mediate this emergent phenomenon of the "animate" world.  Could  consciousness be merely a function of  neurotransmitters, an alchemy in this neuronal laboratory ?  Could there be a field that mediates this subtle yet powerful phenomenon just as the Higgs field that is necessary  to explain the genesis of mass from the massless?   The double slit experiment and it's subsequent modifications  throw up possibilities of  intelligence and consciousness at the "micro "level.  The photon behaves differently when it realises  it is being observed.  The entire quantum world behaves quaintly, as if it has a mind  of its own.  Just as there seem to be two sets of rules governing the macro and the quantum worlds, there may just be a different form of  conscious intelligence operating differently in both these worlds. There may just be another  form of intelligence - " Quantum intelligence", having its own domain and jurisprudence.  Consciousness and intelligence may not be just an "emergent " phenomenon of the macro  world, but the fundamental constituent of the subatomic quantum world. As the observer becomes vital to the existence of creation, the observed may just be observing as well, with a consciousness of its own.  Like finding an eye at the other end when prying through a key-hole. The trinity of observer, observed and observation may just be an illusion created by a grand unified all pervading  conscious intelligence.  The true "God Particle " will therefore be a particle that assigns consciousness to the subatomic quantum world. Or possibly , this entire universe may  just be a  particle of consciousness - "The God Particle". Dr Deepak M Ranade (The author is a consultant neurosurgeon -

Friday, July 6, 2012

The infinitesimally small distance between I and me

The infinitesimally small distance between "I" and "Me" I is an "amness " that is  pure awareness. No one ever uses this term to address me except me. It is a first person singular. It is how I address myself.  It is always  a singularity , that is self indulgent. It's existence is virtuoso,  an a priori state.  "Me" is a personal pronoun I use when duality , or a second person perspective enters . It  helps distinguish "I" and the non "I",a relativity , between "I " and the universe. It defines a locus, a distinct margin between "I" and the world around "me". Is there any fundamental difference between "I" and "me" ? "Me" is an image I construct of myself. Me is the clothes that drape the naked "I".  Me brings along dual constructs  called my and mine, the ego that unleashes this desire to possess, to indulge, to flaunt. This "me" also brings along a spectrum of emotions, that are an inevitable  consequence of attachment. "I"  when left alone doesn't really need anything. I is purely existentialist without the angst that tags along with "me".  Life is the gradual transition from "I" to  "me". Life is a journey of " I "want to become ........., a seemingly endless journey with no destination. A purposefully  purposeless indulgence ,an emotional roller coaster ride of this apparition "I" call "Me".  The "me" keeps convincing the "I" , that "I " will be happy when I become "Me" "I" then embark on a never ending endeavour to become a "Me" that "I" know "I" can never become. This "Me" can never be satisfied by just being. The illusory "Me" has no end point that can be ever be  reached. It has to engage in a meaningful  deception  of "becoming" . But this "I"  enjoys this deception despite  subconsciously knowing  that "I" is not equal to "Me" . The nakedness of "I" is  a faceless formless abstraction. Like looking into a mirror and having an emptiness  staring  back.   All "my" achievements, accomplishments are efforts at cosmetic enhancement  to appear more aesthetically appealing when "me" preens itself in the societal mirror that discriminates on basis of appearances. I is all about being, whilst "Me" is about becoming. Becoming is merely a manifestation of "being".  The awareness " cloaked differently that wants to marvel at its multifarious spellbinding reflections it has conjured up of itself, by itself ,for itself.  I " relentlessly keep asking "Me" for reasons, for answers, for explanations. But "I" fail to understand that an apparition can never provide answers to its creator.  It should ideally be the other way round. The "Me" should be asking "I" why  "I" created "me" The metamorphosis from " me " to "I" is what spiritual evolution  is all about.  From  the  relative  me to the absolute I. Disrobing the apparel of " me". This divesting process is very difficult and at times painful.Realisation is  the knife that slices the tangibility of  "me " to leave an intangible  residue called "I" It is a process of reduction, that reduces becoming to being.  It is about travelling that infinitesimally small illusory distance between "I" and "Me". Paradoxically, " I" keep trying to search for myself in "me", when "me" is just a virtual image of "I". "Me" is virtual and "I" the reality, and  life is an endlessly eternal virtual reality. Dr Deepak M Ranade

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mosaic of life

The life size painting looked spectacular from a distance. The figure on the canvas seemed  life like and  felt as if she would walk straight out of the picture  and sit next to you any moment. The canvas seemed to have frozen her in time, but it could not restrain the vitality in her eyes as also her vivacious expression. As I moved closer to appreciate the work of art, my optical zoom started picking up subtle imperfections. The strokes of the brush had left their footprints at various spots. The different shades that were amorphously merging into a continuum now showed  some individuality. As I got closer ,the nuances seemed to look coarse and when only a couple of feet separated me from the canvas, i seemed to realise that my intense appreciation of this art relied on  a sort of visual distortion that the distance generated. The picture (the object) and  me (the subject) remained the same. What changed the equation was the distance which manipulated my perception. The greater distance afforded a birds eye view of the picture. It permitted  a more holistic assessment. From a distance,the strokes merged effortlessly into one another self  effacingly . They  collectively created an optical illusion of   reality.   Stepping closer made  the individual strokes far more egoistic and  assert  their uniqueness. Jostling  for attention.   Focusing on smaller and smaller portions distorted the picture .The  apparent perfection from a distance was paradoxically  a symphony of   imperfections.  Distance forgave these imperfections and  blessed my perception with a wholesome benevolence. The beauty of the picture seemed to rely on a certain minimum distance, a threshold of sorts ,which ,when transgressed  revealed a distortion.  " The  law of diminishing beauty" , in the economics of appreciation.  Proximity comes at the cost  of  scrutiny which   throws up imperfections, that  are innate or inevitable.  Distance  conceals  imperfections subtlely  without intent to deceive. Distance, between subject and object  has wider connotations. Maintaining distance  impacted  relationships,  appraisal of our lives,  dealing with a problems, and maybe for a host of  perceptive phenomenon. Being close to a person requires  an acceptance of his imperfections which will eventually become obvious.  Continuous proximity over time highlights the imperfections and "love " may be developing a conditioned  ability to blur the incongruence in the person. A holistic "distanced" appraisal of life is the cornerstone for happiness. Life is a mosaic, a collage, and its beauty lies in perceiving  it in totality. The human body is the greatest testimony to this truth. The body an inveritable mosaic of cells working synchronously and selflessly. Each cell as alive as the entire form. And yet, working silently, and unobtrusively.The beauty of the entire form lies in a continuity , and harmony of its individual constituents. A "pixelated " view  of existence is the  harbinger of unhappiness and frustration. Such  a mindset distorts the beauty of life by a futile attention to detail. Ability to look at the larger picture, helps maintain balance and  equanimity. The larger picture is visible only if one takes those crucial few steps to distance oneself . The distance that is so crucial to obscure the imperfections into an integrated assessment of reality. For those who look at life close upfront,  the aberrations  predominate and  become a source of misery and bitterness .They  lack the ability to see an underlying holistic beauty in the casual disarray of life. Extremes of this mindset manifest as ailments ,  such as OCD, hypertension ,depression to name a few. Reality is a blend of  perfection and imperfection. What can be changed is perception.. I walked away from the picture to the exit, with a deep sense of respect for "distance " that was as crucial for the beauty of the painting as the genius of the  artist.    Dr. Deepak Ranade. (the author is a consultant neurosurgeon)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I am therefore the universe is.

My concept  of myself is an "Amness" wrapped up  in layers of  impressions, experiences and  identities. Like a sedimentary rock, layer by layer added  as time goes by . I am deeply humbled by the sheer vastness of this manifold universe and yet awestruck by my ability to comprehend parts thereof. Like Einstein said, "the most incomprehensible aspect of the universe is that it is comprehensible" I keep trying to make sense of it all. To look for a method in this madness called life. To look for some order in this chaotic but extraordinary world.  I wonder how can I ever have any sort of control on the direction and momentum of this juggernaut ?  My aims and aspirations often times seem to have no coherence with  what has been preordained, and the suspense can sometimes kill.  Attempts to discover  the " whats , hows and whens" get overwhelmed by the total silence when the "why" pops up.  After being numbed by the sheer incomprehensibility of the universe and myself, my thinking gets limited to the welfare and sustenance of this   "restriction  " called myself.  As do most of the fortunate ones who dont let existential issues adulterate their unbridled romance with the  mundane. This restricted  locus of consciousness then embarks on a quest for gratification of itself . A few disappointments later, the why comes back with a renewed vengeance. The program of consciousness might have an inherent default setting that precludes any queries about itself.  Like the finger that touches everything unable to touch itself.  Can the sensation of touch ever be touched ? Ouch.  Touched a raw nerve.  I quickly exit the "touch me not " zone. A touchy affair. Best avoided. A call from a patient brings back semblance of control.  And a purpose, albeit temporary .  Relieving a person in pain, a very noble, divine act. I am filled with a sense of propriety, a sense of superiority as I watch the lady of the house burying herself in  apparently meaningless chores.  I realise, the different wrappings become a  cause of comparison and  subsequently  generate an ego that momentarily satiates this "why". Caress the present layer, and stem this onslaught of existential probity. Is this ego a vestige ? An oversight of evolution ?  Does  it need a separate evolutionary process?   The ego rebels and suddenly, asserts itself like never before.  The universe exists because I am perceiving it. The quantum world supports this viewpoint perfectly. Nothing exists until  it is observed . I am the cognising entity that creates and sustains the entire universe. Brilliant. I am the centre and creator of my universe. Wow. Suddenly, one of the four universal truths of the Upanishads flashes in front of my eyes. " Aham Brahmaasami" The brahma dwells within myself.  Brahma is the awareness that cognises. The master program that simultaneously cognises the self and the universe. The awareness that can cognise the fact that it is cognising . This awareness manifesting simultaneously as the observer, observed and observation.   Consciousness  that can generate a conviction in this apparition of identities that it has created. The finger , until it touches something,  merely has the potential to perceive . If there is nothing to touch, it is left with no option but find a way to touch itself. Eureka. Creation is merely awareness becoming aware of itself by touching itself. The finger has nothing to touch so it creates an imaginary extension of itself to touch, and exults in its perceptive abilities. The "why" melts away into an epiphany. Doing something  purposelessly  also can have a purpose .  Cause effect have an existence only in chronology. They are meaningless when simultaneous.  An empty pot hanging in the  air .  The pot merely generating a sense of separateness for the air it segregates. The pot breaks. What happens to the air whilst it was in the pot before the pot broke and after it broke ?  Nothing ever happens. Just the sense of separateness ends. The layers that separated "amness" as a separate entity peeled off. The eternal question remains " can I peel these layers voluntarily ?"  " Can the air within connect with the air without with the pot being intact ?" Dr. Deepak M. Ranade

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SAND conference , Amsterdam, 31st May to 3 june

The setting was perfect. In the lush woods of Utrecht nestled in a forest at the outskirts of Amsterdam. The ambience , a testimony to the journey of mankind,from the thick forests to the precision of technology and perfection of engineering. There was a certain air of Non duality about the venue. No two opinions. The sunny weather too seemed prophetic , forecasting the dazzling brilliance of the speakers we were to witness over the next three days as it were. The symbol of this movement is AUM = mc2 where AUM is representative of the universal truth that includes the experience of this universe. The universal truth will have to factor in the element of consciousness to connect the descartes mind matter duality. And mc2 of course part of the universal equation equating mass with energy , the ontological units of the universe.

This August assembly was attempting to evolve our understanding of creation and consciousness from a psuedopodal clumsy locomotion to an erect bipedalism, setting afoot on the limbs of science and non-duality.

Over the next few days, we entered a seemingly new world of fractals, quantum particles and fields, quantum foam, and many more abstractions of thoughts and concepts. Was creation really such a complicated phenomenon. Could experimental reductionism of science ever be synthesised with the abstract experiential realm of spirituality to unravel the mysteries of understanding the self and this manifold creation?

One paper proposed a hypothesis that suggested that our "self" was a holographic virtual image and the real image was the one in our brain . When the divine light or universal consciousness rays fell on the " kundalini" these rays diffracted to form the real image and reflected to form the virtual image. This hypothesis was put forth by Dr Taylor, a quantum physicist. It sounded very original and was quite well received.

Another very interesting take was the one that revisited the equation which was reduced by Einstein to the famous E= mc2. The original equation was one that expressed E as a square. E2 = m2c4 + p2c2

The velocity of any particle was considered negligible compared to the speed of light by Einstein. So the part dealing with the momentum of the particle was dropped. The value of E would have to have a positive and negative polarity, but the negative value was ignored and even totally discounted , even by Heisenberg. That finally gave us the E= mc2.

However when Wolfgang Pauli discovered that sub atomic particles were spinning at near equal the speed of light the momentum of the particle could not be ignored. The negative value of E is looked upon as retro causality. That is, the effect precedes the cause. Energy is manifested first and the electron moves back in time to become a positron. Fascinating concept.

Entropy is always increasing, and is positive. But in retro causality, entropy is negative. Syntropy. Matter was considered to be the one with positive entropy whilst all life forms were retro causal with a syntropy. This view was deliberated by one and all and in fact seemed to whet the intellectual appetite of the gathering.

One of the speakers was a young lad of 34 whose world went tipsy turvy when he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. Ironically, his talk was titled " I was blessed with a brain tumour" . The delegates were spellbound by his viewpoint when he said he refused the option of conscious brain surgery to extirpate the tumour. He remarked that there are two worlds, one which we create for ourselves and one which actually pans out. The gist of his talk was how this very unfortunate event transformed him into living in the moment and being grateful the discordance of both these worlds notwithstanding.

The famous quantum physicist and a person who was in the race for the presidential election in 1996 and 2000 Dr. John Hagelin had a very equanimous and serene disposition. He gave a very measured and articulate view that spoke of a unified field of consciousness, which unifies subatomic particles and forces as expression of a single unified force. He was very assertive about of a state of non duality . A state where the knower and known dissolves and only subjectivity remains. On being asked whether in this Non dual state, would it still be a science, he replied it would ,but in the realm of the experiential, beyond semantics and concepts.

A quantum physicist From France showed a film that shows the appearance of bands in the famous double slit experiment. The bands would appear only if light propagated as a wave form. But strangely the interference bands appeared pixel by pixel even when a mono photonic beam was used. This suggested that the photon simultaneously passed through both the slits and created an interference with itself to produce the bands. It was very enchanting. She in fact went as far as to replay the recording and that her team considered this clip as sacred.

The scientific sessions were interspersed with meditation sessions. The session conducted by Rupert Spira was particularly very effective. It transported the collective consciousness of the two hundred odd participants to a level of internal unified silence. It was an experience to cherish. The evenings used music to experience a communion with divinity.

The performance that combined the serene cello with the vivacious harp truly seemed to reverberate the theme of non duality. The discrete notes of each harmonised into a sort of divine alliance.

The deliberations of scientists and delegates from 23 nations appeared to have a consensus on non-duality, or Adwaita. It was gratifying to note frequent references to this ancient Indian wisdom and philosophy. This ideology that for long was shackled by religious connotations and it was heartening to realise that it is being revisited by contemporary scientific thought and research.

The conference was holistic in the true sense. Each approach discrete , at times hard core scientific, and other times intangible . We were walking the edge of science and knowledge. Knowledge that is in the domain of experience and hence more metaphysical than physical. The adwaita philosophy ,that had a very mild resonance with the substance of spinoza may eventually reveal the truth that expresses the mind matter descartian duality as an awareness where the two merge into an endless infinite unity.Both unmistakably proving the existence of an ultimate truth that seems to display a wave particle duality. Appearing illusory when specifically looked for but manifests tangibly when experienced , as the harmony of soulful music,or the beauty of this manifold creation .

Friday, May 25, 2012

A form to depict the formless

                                                          "AUM. "   The  form to express the formless . As a child  i looked  upon AUM  as a sacred phonetic chant .  It preceded most of the mantras and prayers .  " Aum "would anoint places of worship, find frequent mention in the scriptures and  was generally considered sacred. It had a certain solemnity about itself. Aesthetically, it looked pleasing to the eye, and at the same time commanded a reverence.  In those early years, spirituality  and religion  were restricted to moralistic ,ritualistic behaviour . All queries about  "God" were  supposed to  get clarified when I grew older.  I was given to believe that " God" was this  virtuous ,omni-potent, omni-present  being. The creator and patron of this universe. It  was far easier to connect and comprehend a personified God. So my understanding  of AUM was  restricted to it being a scripturally sanctifiedx representation  for this abstraction called God. With passage of time,  I was introduced to more contemporary and intellectual abstractions called  physics and mathematics . Intangible concepts like infinity, atoms,  electromagnetism were to be grasped. Scientific thought was being validated in the laboratory but it was  also not spared  the igominy of resorting  to abstract intangible concepts.They were represented symbolically by different greek letters, or  strange names.Advances  in our understanding about matter ,energy atomic structure and quantum physics had reluctantly pushed physics to the threshold of metaphysics. The quaint figure of AUM again seemed to assert itself amidst the thetas and omegas and lambdas.  I had to investigate the significance of AUM  beyond tradition ,conjecture and conditioning. This  rekindled my interest  about whether "AUM"  could  be a symbolic  representation of  something ?  My religious regard for AUM was replaced by a curiosity . What made this AUM so sacred? What did it signify ?  My initial enquiry revealed  that it  was an amalgamation of three   "maatras", A, U and M.  Each  was again a sub representation.AUM had  the sanction of the  high priests of  conventional religion and yet was impersonal.   Could the scope of god extend beyond moral science into physical science ? Could my understanding of god transcend the restrictive anthropomorphic definition? God in my opinion had to represent the ultimate truth and not be merely an aggregate of superhuman virtues. A personal God or his Prophet had to be representative of the ultimate truth.  I  did believe in faith, but faith with a garnishing of rationality. Faith without any experience or rationale is  fundamentalism.  Since  our  cultural ethos boasts of being secular, it  generated a distaste for any  sort of fundamentalism. The primary condition that had to fulfilled to be considered "God" was that he had to be universal. A "God" of consensus. God could never be a divisive , discriminatory being who had to be appeased  by ritualistic innuendo.I believed  that "God",  if claimed to be the creator could never be discriminatory. Revealing himself only to a select few sects or religions. He had to be  a non-discriminating creator who was accessible to all of his creation. Such Universal acceptability and accessibility  could be only of  formlessness. Any form would preclude consensus, the basic criterion to be "God".  "Nirgun, niraakaar, were qualities that were hard to grasp, but were expansive and all inclusive. If"God" were formless, then assigning him a form would be sacrilege  as believed by our Muslim brethren.  A  form makes "God" exclusive. Formlessness makes "Him" inclusive. Universal in the true sense. Could there ever be a representation of  this formless God ? A paradox. A form to depict the formless.? As  insane as  using light to  search for darkness. As insane as it sounds , light can never be used to search darkness but then light becomes meaningless without darkness. So, in this mutually dependant dichotomy of extremes, formless becomes  conceivable  only because of form.   The form is just a prelude  to formlessness.  The AUM revisited me when I was in this mindset. Could this symbol paradoxically depict formlessness ? It would then not be the exclusive intellectual property of any particular religion or belief system. It would tangibly depict the intangible.  Like the blind use Braille with the  sense of touch to understand  a world  they have never seen, could this AUM be an instrument to comprehend the incomprehensible ? My subsequent foray into  spiritual enquiry  was radically altered. My understanding about consciousness got more profound as I was actually operating on this instrument that mediated consciousness , "the brain".  The seat of  all  thoughts, emotions , and concepts. Was consciousness merely a product of neuronal organisation ?  The highly advanced field of neurology i was pursuing could not provide me with any answers.  Could  consciousness be expanded ?  Personalised Consciousness was known to have three states. The waking state, deep sleep state and the dream state.  Was " God " or the ultimate truth a an impersonal supra conscious state?   One interpretation of "AUM" was that the three semi circles signified the three states of consciousness, and the dot symbolised the impersonal "turiya" state of consciousness. The half moon beneath the dot refers to "maya" or illusion that separates the personal three states of consciousness from the universal impersonal consciousness. God,  in my opinion is  the ultimate truth  which has to be realised or experienced rather than understood.  The ultimate truth  cannot  be  reducible to a form ,knowledge or information that can be communicated.  I therefore surmised that AUM represents formless attributeless awareness (nirgun, niraakaar) . Therein lies its potency. To effectively convey and represent formlessness,  non-controversially. It is the sublimation of expression. It  is more than merely a sum of parts. It is an emergent phenomenon. A quantum coherence.  A symbol that unites knower,known and knowing. It has the unique ability to symbolise the unfathomable. It is a term that removes the illusory  separation between the personal "self " consciousness and universal  all abiding ultimate consciousness. Dr.  Deepak  M.  Ranade

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Unity in Adversity

Saluting adversity After returning from the 14 year exile, Sri Ram went and met kaikeyi, to seek her blessings.  She was  his step mother who was instrumental in banishing him and so he was asked , why salute the very person  who caused  so  much  pain and suffering in his life? Sri Rams answer was poignant. He replied that it was because of his step mothers doing that he  developed resilience, patience, came across an adversary like Ravan, which helped him discover his strengths. She was instrumental in his evolution to godliness. Therefore he wanted to express his gratitude to the person who helped him actualise himself. Very often a lot of time and energy is spent on admonishing the persons and events that we feel are responsible for our pain and suffering. Persons and circumstances are merely tools to effect what lies in store for us. Seeking revenge has been the recipe for many a celluloid hits. In fact for some, vendetta becomes the mission of their lives. Is this not in a way killing the messenger? Adversity comes in the guise of a scheming adversary, or then, as a  set of mitigating circumstances well beyond our  sphere of control.  Adversity in all it's plurality  harnesses hitherto unknown abilities and talents that would have remained dormant in more favourable circumstances. The pink cheeks of high altitude dwellers are in reality the compensatory rise in concentration of haemoglobin, to offset the lower atmospheric pressure of oxygen. Adaptation is the greatest benediction for homo sapiens. It has singularly been responsible for all the evolutionary strides.The immune system works best when exposed to a spectrum of antigenic stimuli.  Virtues are partly genetic and largely acquired.  Adversity is the genesis of  the acquired  ones and  has been the driving force that has propelled human ingenuity and resilience. The biceps hypertrophies and  bulges only after pumping iron. Adversity is the iron that flexes  and contours the biceps of the mind and spirit.  A conviction in ones abilities. It breeds innovation and enterprise. It serves as the chisel that shaves off the undesirable and ungainly aberrations to sculpt a chiselled shapely  demeanor. It embellishes confidence with a dash of humility,the touch of mascara that highlights poise with a subtlety. Adversity polishes the rough  edges of the ego to a smooth rounded wholesomeness.  It  transforms  brash self indulgence to a surreal  self reliance.  A very assertive "I can do" graduates  to a tranquil "I can endure". Adversity shifts the focus of change from without to within . It is the harbinger of  changing ones perception rather than condemning the  world around us. It generates compassion as one learns to empathise with fellow travellers  sharing this equally bumpy  and uncomfortable ride. It  sprouts equanimity  from the seed of tolerance,  watering  it with  patience. It kindles the spirit with a spark of motivation  that generates the warmth of optimism  to help thaw the chill  of  skepticism. It serves as a vaccine to stimulate an immune resilience. It lends a touch of active forbearance  to an apparently  passive submission. It helps master the philosophy of being an anvil,  viz. to  bear the impact without deforming .  It matures the spirit to a level of sublime intoxication  where the self effaces itself  to become  a  witness, an observer. Adversity .evolves the soul by transcending it to a state of immutability  in this ever changing kaleidoscopic arbitrariness called life. Dr Deepak M. Ranade (the author is a consultant neurosurgeon, -

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Outcomes of action

Determining outcome  The Bhagwad Geeta says “Thou hast power only to act not over the result thereof. Act thou therefore without prospect of the result and without succcumbing to inaction " What the divine scripture alludes to is  being dispassionate about the outcome and not assigning  a  personal  pleasure  pain  verdict. A pleasure pain based assessment of the outcome  bears the  seed  of  despondency , dejection  along with  euphoria  and  elation. One has to however keep an eye on the outcome of ones efforts. A circumspect impersonal appraisal of the outcome is critical in determining the future course of action.  An  accurate  impersonal  reality  check  of  the outcome of ones efforts  lends a vector attribute to direct  subsequent efforts. A vector approach is one  which is    well  directed   calculated and  targeted  , a sincere  genuine effort sanctified by direction. Adequate concern  and analysis about the outcome of ones effort  "vectorises" future endeavours. Often times, when the task to be achieved is monumental, and  distant,  reaffirmation of  the  trajectory  remains  the  only solace and succour  to cope with the trials and tribulations  of  the arduous journey. This essence is captured very well in the  story of two monks in steadfast  penance ,meditating under a peepul tree. The Lord is appeased and asks both of them what they are seeking. The first one asks the Lord " How  many more births to go take before I attain salvation ?" The Lord replies " Six more births" The reply saddens the monk and crestfallen, he continues his penance with a heavy heart. The second monk asks the same question to the Lord to which the Lord replies- " You will have to be reborn as many times as the number of leaves this peepul tree has" On hearing this the monk  is elated, overjoyed and thanking the Lord  restarts his penance in all earnest. The first monk  is  puzzled and asks  him the reason for his celebration despite  knowing that he has  so many more births  to  reach salvation.   The monk replied " I celebrated because I  was assured that I am on the right path. How long it will take is no concern  of mine. When I am sure of the direction and the road I am walking on,  there is no doubt about reaching the destination  and  i can focus on enjoying  the   journey ." Every endeavour  has a scalar  element  of  physical  hard work , sincerity,  commitment and  dedication .  This  tangible element is  largely   common  in most  instances  of genuine  effort.  The  vector dimension  is  about  working smart  in addition to working hard  and  is  what decisively  impacts the outcome. The sacred scripture alludes to the realisation of not being in any position to  encertain the outcome of ones  endeavours to remain undeterred  in the event of  momentary setbacks.  Statistically it stands to reason that all cannot succeed. Success and failure  typically complement one another, as do all other positives and negatives. Ability to control the outcome would make the art of trying very unromantic. It's  the possibility of failing that lends sweetness to success.  A Guarantee of the outcome makes the journey  merely a function of time and  would obfuscate any dexterity  and  resilience of navigation. The perspiration inspiration combination vitally needs navigation to complete the triad  that  heightens the chances to succeed. Enjoying the journey  and not worrying about the destination is all fine and romantic  but  such indulgences cannot be afforded at the cost of ignoring the trajectory. After all, the journey however one enjoys it has to end and it would be all the more enjoyable with " all is well that ends well" Dr Deepak Ranade 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

There's nothing personal about ...........

Interaction with people is an inevitable part of life consequential to man being a social animal.  This interaction  becomes a  complex interplay of emotions as it serves to establish a  hierarchal structure  Very often, when this interaction results in feeling slighted, one of the convenient conclusions is " this person can never understand me " This statement actually means - " the perceived identity that I have about the person did not connect with the perceived identity the other person had of me."    It is an interaction of perceptions .The  identity and ego of ourself is merely a perception and is imaginary. The very fact that it could be slighted or elated implies that self esteem is a variable, modifiable and mutable entity. It is not fixed. We  generate a daily report of self esteem much like the weather update. Anything that has a variable value can't have authenticity.  While we are quick to conclude that the other person cannot understand us, do we really understand ourselves?  The identity or ego is totally speculative and construed.   Most often, interaction with others is what lends meaning to life. Finding a purpose of life in relationships. This approach, stresses the relationship as it becomes exacting and demanding. No one other than the self  can lend meaning to ones existence. Using relationships as an emotional mirror to assess and evaluate ones own identity  will only generate newer identities each time. Having multiple identities and assessments  make it very difficult fir the people we interact with. The other person has to keep groping to determine our mood, which is not fair to him.  Surrendering the  control of self esteem to another causes the  wild vacillations our self esteem.  Approval seeking behaviour that craves for appreciation and recognition becomes a form of self abuse. Such behaviour is at the cost of total disregard of ones own self.  One need not be contemptuous or completely disregard  others opinions, but neither should  they  become the driving force of our life. A stoic self assessment that is not finicky and fluctuating lends a great degree of security and reassurance in any interaction or relationship.  A very fluid and tentative self assessment can be the substrate for a constant sense of  persecution that can destroy not only the relationship but the person as well. It is incompatible for a sustainable rewarding relationship. There has been a lot of talk regarding out of body experience, but in a more practical setting, taking an impersonal, birds eye view of the situation is more useful  and realistic than making a personal, restrictive, judgemental assessment that distorts reality.  The apparent improper behaviour of a person is strictly as viewed from our perceptive frame, andMisunderstandings are commonplace and can prove to be very expensive. Interactions/relationships  pursued with an expectation of appreciation, or gratification of  the ego are cursed from the very beginning. Our own convictions should not preclude receptivity to the other persons opinions and views. Interaction / relationships  are meant to evolve  rather than assert oneself . Deepak Ranade 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Of Memory Templates And Free Will

DEEPAK RANADE, Sep 12, 2007, 12.00am IST

Thinking seems to be a constant involuntary drone in our waking state. Thinking often is also the root of many psychosomatic ailments. The process of thinking is essentially quasi-voluntary and spiritual seekers aim to reach a state of thoughtlessness.

There is no specific centre in the brain that has been identified as the originator of thoughts. It would be absurd to conclude that thoughts arise empirically and randomly. Logically there has to be some cause-effect basis of thoughts arising.
Perception of the outer world lays the substrate for thoughts, responses and actions. Hence perception and thought initiation must have some source code which is unique for every individual. Since computers closely mimic neural networks, we could analyse their functioning to shed some light on the working of the human brain.
The computer's Read Only Memory or ROM is a preset programme which cannot be modified. ROM has the blueprint of basic operations as well as anagrams for processing data. It ope-rates and controls vital processes. The computer also has a Random Access Memory or RAM, which is a storage device for data that can be erased and modified. Every human being also comes with an inbuilt ROM programme. This is the database of all past karmas and vasanas. Vasana is unmanifest thought; it is the substrate of thought. It pre-empts all thoughts and actions.
Thoughts are constructed on the infrastructure of vasana. This data is not deletable. Every individual is born with a unique ROM that contributes not only to thought initiation, perception but also to programme the responses of the individual. This explains why each individual reacts differently to the same external stimulus. The varying reactions are therefore also a function of the operative system. Every individual is also provided with a RAM, which records all events as they take place. It serves as input for subsequent encryption into ROM. ROM is then subsequently formatted onto the hard disc of the individual in successive births.
Vasanas precede thought and thought precedes action. Action thereafter generates further vasanas and this cause and effect cycle generates karma. So we are now dealing with an operating system that has an inbuilt programme, an encryption of all previous karmas and vasanas. However, we also have free will to ignore this inbuilt programme. We could script a new programme which subsequently gets transferred to the ROM. Free will represents the ability of each one to rebel against the inbuilt programme. Science could determine the past as it may have the ability to access the ROM, but no science can predict what is going to get written in the RAM.Mind is the effecter of ROM.
It generates all thoughts as a function of the unique source code of ROM. Unbridled execution of ROM results in impulsive actions. But volitional control can help us overcome the diktat of ROM. With intense determination and control, it can be forbidden to enforce the encrypted script. If efforts are not taken to counter this preformed template, life travels along the uncontrolled path determined by the sum total of the past. To script a new ROM is the aim of all sadhana, discipline and meditation. Life vacillates between surrendering to the programme and endeavour to exercise the free will.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Consciousness becoming conscious of consciousness

Consciousness becoming conscious 

The first line  of  Dnaneshwari., a commentary on Bhagwad Geeta by Saint philosopher Dnaneshwara contains the word " swasamvedyaa" and " aatmaroopa." They are   very eloquent and  profoundly  express the ultimate truth  about creation and it's purpose.
" Swasamvedyaa"  contains two parts-  "Swa"  and    "Samvedyaa"
Swa means the self. The "Swa"  in the term does not treat the " self" as  a subject .
It indicates the   totipotent, attributeless   (tatva) , the  unmanifest formless essence. It is a state of beingness,   formless  beyond  any spatio-temporal grid.  A   "singularity"'  with the potential to manifest . A quantum superposition. 
                 "Samvedyaa "is a complex word that  has shades of   awareness ,sensitivity and  compassion.  Our understanding of this manifest world is based on a  Cartesian duality .  It is based on a subject object duality, and so our understanding  of the  word  "consiousness" is the verb that links a subject to the  object. I (the subject) am conscious of  something (the object).
This term  expresses consciousness  as a qualia, between the subject and object. It would be  incomplete  to merely say  "I am conscious" without a reference to an  object.  
           " Swasamvedya" is  the unmanifest  essence  becoming conscious of  itself.  Consciousness becoming conscious of itself. The quantum superposition collapsing as   creation by emergence of an observer.The "big bang" becomes  a manifestation rather than creation. The emergence of a witness. The unmanifest  becoming manifest to become aware of itself. It  is not a chronological event in space-time.Time and space are co-ordinates  fabricated by the formless essence. The words eternal and immortal are relevant only in the construct of this spatio temporal frame of reference that is necessary for manifestation of a  form.  The form is a  transient  impermanent (anitya) expression  of the eternal formless ( nitya ,nirgun , niraakaar )That could perhaps explain why scholars  like Einstein  interpreted time as a fourth dimension. Space time are perceptive threads to  weave the fabric of creation.
In a state of formless awareness eternity has as much meaning as thickness has to a two dimensional shadow and immortality makes as much sense as a child of an infertile couple.
                    The " nothingness" or "shoonyavaad"  refers to this  unmanifest state  where there is no subject object dichotomy. Who  is going to be aware of what ? It literally means "No Thing", or devoid of  subject and object. 
For our understanding in a  Cartesian space time frame, nothing  denotes  the absence  of content in a containing entity.Nothing  becomes a subject and containing entity the object.
This state of nothingness has no negative connotation but merely dissolution of subject object in formless consciousness. The perceiver of nothingness remains, with nothing to perceive. Satchitananda is the trinity of  beingness, consciousness and bliss that defines  Brahma. The state of bliss     reaffirms a state of causeless happiness, that again transcends  the subject object paradigm. Causality abounds in the  spatio temporal distortion which breaks the symmetry of oneness into subject and object.  Awareness, compassion and bliss ,in the self,of the self,by the self and for the self, best denotes the democratic matrix of monarchal unity. " Swasamvedyaa therefore represents  blissful compassionate awareness that is entirely in the realm of non-duality, or Adwaita, that chooses to  manifest as  plurality. Experience   of bliss , compassion and an impersonal awareness  in the manifest duality  are glimpses of the   unmanifest unity.
Realisation is a state wherein  consciousness  becomes  aware of it's own nature . Aatmaroopa.  The  elimination of this spatio-temporal parallax, induced by itself to experience itself. 

Dr. Deepak M. Ranade ( the author is a consultant neurosurgeon-

Don't take interactions personally

Don't take it personally

Interaction with people is an inevitable part of life. It's the fallout of man being a social animal. This  interaction becomes  a  complex interplay of emotions and ego as it serves to establish a heirarchal pattern that social structure mandates.
 Arguments,misunderstandings, humiliation are unavoidable outcomes of this " Brownian movement "of  ' Egocules",
This unpleasant interaction results due to  - " the perceived identity that I have about the person did not connect with the perceived identity the other person had of me."    Interaction  is of perceptions .The  identity and ego of ourself is entirely  perceptive  and  imaginary.
The very fact that it could be slighted or elated implies that ego  is a variable, modifiable and mutable entity. It is not fixed. The identity or ego is totally speculative and  a dynamic variable. We  generate a daily report of self esteem much like the weather update. Anything variable can't be authentic and absolute.  While we are quick to conclude that the other person cannot understand us, do we really understand ourselves? The self that we commonly assume ourselves to be is a database of memories with a conviction of having a unique discrete identity .. This unique identity is a composite of the impression we have of ourselves and the impression we feel others have about us. The former is a complex of the id and the ego whilst the latter reflects the superego. Interaction with others nurtures the superego, lends  a meaning,   to the script of  life. It  simultaneously  generates a hierarchal coefficient, starves for recognition and  desires to dominate. It's assertiveness stresses relationships as it becomes exacting and demanding in an attempt to establish it's position in social hierarchy. Looking for a meaning for ones own existence   in relation to others. Ironically,none, other than the self  can lend meaning to ones existence. Using relationships as an emotional mirror to assess and evaluate ones own identity  will only generate a chaotic  plurality of  identities  and  a waxing and waning  self assessment.  Stress arises out of our efforts to build and maintain the image we want others to have of ourselves.
This  reaction based self-esteem is susseptible to  wild vacillations .  It triggers  approval seeking behaviour that is directed  towards   appreciation and recognition.  This sort of behavious  is a form of self abuse. Putting others evalution ahead  of what we truely want for  ourselves . One need not be contemptuous or completely disregard  others opinions, but neither should  they  become the driving force of our life.
A stoic self assessment that is not finicky and fluctuating lends a great degree of security and reassurance in any interaction or relationship. A non-leaning interaction, between two erect individuals  only  can support the beautiful edifice of a  meaningful  relationship. Leaning on  one another to a point  can never support the superstructure of a sustainable relatioship.   A very fluid and tentative self assessment is  the substrate for a sense of   persecution that can destroy not only the relationship but the person as well. It is incompatible for a sustainable rewarding relationship. There has been a lot of talk regarding out of body experience, but in a more practical setting, taking an impersonal, third person  view of the situation is more useful  and realistic than making a personal, restrictive, assessment that distorts reality. Misunderstandings then become  commonplace and can prove to be very expensive. Interactions/relationships  pursued solely with expectation  or gratification of  the ego are cursed from the very beginning. Every relationship has rights ad resposibilities as two sides of the coin. Asserting only the former works to  the detriment of any interaction.
Relationships  are meant  to aid the search for our true self, and merely an accessory for survival. They  must help  evolve  the self  rather than assert oneself .
Deepak Ranade 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Remarkable Philosophy

This is the philosophy of Mr. Henry Bartell Zachary.
He was the son of an Italian immigrant and went on to become a billionaire with diverse businesses, a philanthropist and established a hugely successful business venture.
Thought of sharing this very touching philosophy that encapsulated what it takes to become successful and above all a shade of humility and compassion that pitchforks a brazen capitalistic attitude into the realm of divinity.


“I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon if I can. I seek opportunity – not security. I will refuse to be a kept citizen, to be humbled and dulled by having my state and nation look after me. I want to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed - never to be numbered among those weak and timid souls who have known neither victory nor defeat. I know that happiness can come only from the inside through hard constructive work and sincere positive thinking. I know that the so called pleasures of the moment should not be confused with a state of happiness. I know that I can get a measure of inner satisfaction from any job if I intelligently plan and courageously execute it. I know that, if I put forth every iota of strength that I possess – physical, mental, spiritual – towards the accomplishment of a worth while task, ere I fall exhausted by the wayside, the Unseen Hand will reach out and pull me through. Yes, I want to live dangerously, plan my procedures on the basis of calculated risk, to resolve the problems of everyday living into a measure of inner peace. I know if I know to do all this, I will know how to live and, If I know how to live, I will know how to die.”

Sep. 27 1901 – Sep. 5

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Learning to unlearn
Learning is as much a process of deprogramming as much as acquiring or acquainting with something new.
Learning something new, must be preceded by a process of deprogramming that eliminates pre-existing paradigms and misconceptions. Learning physiologically is a process of conditioning. It involves recruitment of neural networks or pathways, which after sufficient time and repetitions get established. Thereafter, conditioning works at a quasi involuntary level. A classic example is that of driving. Initially as a novice, every action is deliberate, premeditated and one has to very consciously focus on the activity. Later on as the reflexes get strengthened, the same activity becomes very effortless and gradually moves to a sub-conscious level. And soon we can engage in a conversation or even grab a bite whilst driving. Many of our belief systems and thought processes post conditioning work below the consciousness horizon. Once the template is set, these anagrams become an integral part of the individuals perceptive and thought processes. We scarcely realize that these deeply etched programs serve as major deterrents from learning anything new. That partly explains why adults need a longer while to learn a new skill like computers or a new language whereas kids seem to take to this new skill like a fish takes to water. That is because the kids hard disc is unformatted and can imbibe a new concept faster and better than an adult who first has to undo some hardwired programs. These established neural networks increase the resistance to accepting fresh thoughts and ideas. On deeper introspection we would realize, that most of our belief systems are just a legacy of our environment and upbringing. Religion, culture, behavioral patterns are a few such examples. This indoctrination happens subconsciously but has far reaching consequences.
Along with the passage of time, all such recorded programs spin a cocoon around the individual. Impermeable to newer thought process. All intolerance to new ideas is consequential to this rigid unyielding cocoon.
All revolutionary inventions have become possible only when the concerned person broke open this cocoon of conformist thought process. The person had to delearn conventional wisdom to make way for newer wisdom. Religion has always beckoned mankind along the ages. It still remains one of the most profound influences on our lives. Religion programs the thought processes and sooner than we realize, we align ourselves to one of the many ‘isms’. But the basis of all religion is to attain Godhood, or self-realisation or ‘swaroop saakshaatkar’ Various sects and religions have over the years programmed their followers along different lines. These regulatory protocols are ideally the means to the end but unfortunately have become the end themselves. The extreme obsession with form precludes any tryst with the formless. All spiritual pursuits are adulterated with preformed notions and are the scourge of liberation. It would be paradoxical to confine the omniscient omnipresent being to the narrow bandwidth of our perceptive focus . As a learned sage said, Liberation is not of the individual but from the individual. From the shackles of our thought processes. Self-realisation as a concept, is again a construct of our thought. But self-realisation transcends thought. Till there is thought, there is an entity that is thinking, and this separate entity that asserts its separateness is bondage. The finite can never perceive the infinite. It can only become infinite. And once that happens, who or what remains to perceive ?. It cannot be engineered, because all attempts made by the doer only underlines his separateness, which defeats the very purpose. Somewhat akin to the monkey, with its hand trapped in a cookie jar. Trying to get its hand out of the narrow neck of a bottle whilst holding the cookie. All efforts are in vain until the monkey releases the cookie and extricates its hand. This cookie of our belief systems and conditioning that we all hold on for dear life surely has to be relinquished. This delearning of all pre-existing programs and concepts is a precondition to self awareness.

Dr Deepak Ranade
(The author is a consultant Neurosurgeon and may be contacted at
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sir, i am very much influenced n moralised by ur articles published in speaking tree. i want too read book having compilation of ur writings. kindly post the name of ur book. i,ll be highly oobliged. regards, dipti.
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You would not believe, my eyes seeks Deepak Ranade in the speaking tree column daily.

One of the best scientific and spiritual blend.

Sir,can u open a forum to discuss more lively. I have lot of spirtual questions,for which it may be the solution center.

It serves to the spiritual community as well....
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This is the first article that was featured in speaking tree.

Search For The Centre Of Consciousness

The brain's neurons are differentiated to execute specific functions. All sensory perceptions reach nerve centres that are specific for a particular sensory modality. However, all attempts to localise the centre for consciousness have failed..In an experiment, an electrode was implanted in the brain adjacent to the pleasure centre of a caged mouse. When a lever was pressed, a small current would be released which would stimulate the locus of neurons and the mouse experienced a sensation of pleasure. When the mouse realised that pressing the lever was the cause of the wonderful sensation, he endeavoured to keep pressing the lever tirelessly till he died of exhaustion.
Happiness is therefore just a matter of neurotransmitters stimulating specific areas resulting in momentary gratification a chemical reaction in the brain.
Duality is a warp in perception. In reality these partitions do not exist. They are just notional values assigned by the perceptive apparatus. They are actually variations in the intensity of only one modality. The experiment where light is made to pass through two slits to determine if light is a wave or particle form, pronounced that light simultaneously exists as wave and particle. This presented the scientific community with a paradoxical conclusion hard to fathom, a daunting task for the perceptive apparatus which is limited to comprehending only one of two possibilities.
Science is based on reductionism. Science teaches one to classify, make subgroups, and analyse all events as cause and effect. It programmes the brain to fragment, not assimilate. But observations in quantum physics show that subatomic particles behave in a way incomprehensible to classical Newtonian concepts.Similarly, dark and light, pleasure and pain, cannot have an either/or existence. It is our perception that triggers this dichotomy Events or people get classified by the intellect, which analyses the event, compares the event with its database or memory and delivers a threat or no-threat verdict. This makes the subject interact with the environment. This interaction is primordial in nature, in-built for survival. The categorisation of reality into subgroups such as pleasant or unpleasant, endeavouring only pleasant situations to prevail, causes unhappiness.Medically when there is a threat perception, there is a rise in heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar, which keeps the individual in a state of combat with typical responses: fight, fright or flight. If the threat perception apparatus keeps getting stimulated too frequently then the body instead of shifting gears, often compensates by raising these parameters permanently. This causes high incidence of hypertension and diabetes where stress is a definitive cause. In the enlightened state, what changes is not the environment but the perception of the environment. Consciousness is just awareness. It is non-judgmental, with no reaction. There is no classification. It is just a witness. When perception eliminates all fragmentation, one becomes conscious, aware. Then we no longer get exhausted like the mouse did, trying to manipulate the pleasure-giving lever.

Dr.Deepak Ranade The writer is a neurosurgeon, is setting up Centre for Consciousness Studies. E-mail:
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At August 13, 2009 4:39 AM ,  Nilesh said...
Superb one!!

Good explanation you have given by taking a scientific examples.

As per my thinking, "Live a life by being just an observer". Thanafter, our real nature(SAT-CHIT-ANAND) will gradually manifested.

Am i true?
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