Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Thought Diet

Thought Diet

The latest diet ( Keto Diet ) that shuns all carbohydrates has become a rage of the tribe that's battling the bulge. It's proponents swear by its effectiveness and how they no longer are ravaged by hunger pangs. The other major benefit of this diet being that it permits  the subject to eat  proteins and fats in any form. The logic was unflawed  and simple. Carbohydrates are  the most favored source of energy by the metabolic pathways of the body. When there is an abundant supply of carbs, fat in the body remains in  the storehouse for the rainy day as fat deposits. As the supply of carbs comes to a screeching halt, the body metabolism is tricked into interpreting this as a crisis situation.  It thereafter  immediately  starts mobilising resources from  the storehouse ( the fat deposits) which gradually  results in the desired correction of the body contours. Carbohydrates not only prevent the burning of fat reserves but also serve as the proverbial fuel that feeds and also  stokes the fire. Carbs also trigger an intense craving for food. A rather bizarre indulgence that simultaneously satiates and provokes. All divine gastronomic indulgences are more often than not a rich assortment of carbs. They probably cater to the senses rather than needs. All persons with a vulnerability to sensual gratification invariably end up battling the bulge or then embracing  antidiabetic paraphernalia. The carbs eventually win this battle and render their victims to the scourge of  disease and ill health.
Food for the mind bears many similarities with food for the body. Thoughts of material indulgence and sensual gratification are the mainstay and preferred food for the mind. As the subject embarks on this hedonistic spree, it satiates momentarily only to trigger greater and loftier gratification. Would it be possible to embark on a thought diet? A diet that ensures only creative, constructive, compassionate thoughts.? Thoughts that energise rather than provoke. Most  achievers in life have a balanced thought diet. Replete with positivity, creativity, and happiness that transcends mere sensory indulgences. Once the mind is starved of its routine fodder, it  mobilises and combusts thoughts of  inertia, negativity, skepticism and diffidence to shape the mind into trim, fit and supple contours.
               Diet is a discipline, a conscious choice that transcends instinct and temptation.  Thoughts are certainly in the domain of voluntary control. Physically we are what we eat , but we shape our future by  what we think. Negative thoughts have the potency of causing disease and ill health. We certainly have the choice of breeding positive thoughts and aborting the negative ones. Just as we discipline the body by regular exercise and eating  judiciously,we also ought to  use  our discretion and discrimination to think appropriately and correctly. Losing the flab of the mind is as pertinent and important as burning the flab of the body.

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