Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Conscious Universe or Universal Consciousness

Conscious Universe or Universal consciousness?

Ripples in space-time caused by the catacysmic merger of remotely located black holes have finally been detected, exactly 100 years after these “gravitational waves” were predicted by Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity.
Space time was a fabric that could be distorted. An idea that Einstein had to come up with in order to explain the very intriguing force of gravity. A force that caused sudden  acceleration of objects. He predicted that this was more likely, the result of distortion of space by the massive mass of the star or planet. Space and time were considered to be a single interwoven continuum, a single manifold called Minkowski Space. (In honour of the mathematics Professor who taught Einstein) The realisation that this entity of spacetime could shrink or expand was indeed mind boggling. It was indeed travesty of reason to conceive distortion of emptiness. Does spacetime objectively  exist or is  it actually a distortion of perception?
   Massive accelerating objects such as black holes should disrupt this spacetime as waves or ripples.  These waves would course the universe at the speed of light. Their amplitude would diminish as they travelled greater distances. By the time they arrived to  Earth, they would be almost indiscernible.  (around 1,000 times smaller than a proton). The LIGO's Interferometer, with a recent upgrade made it possible for  scientists to detect these tiny measurements of spacetime stretching in one direction and shrinking in another. This was done by using laser beams and the time it took for them to travel the length of the two 4 kms long arms placed at right angles to each other. The ripples generated by by these humongous entities would course in one direction and shorten the spacetime fabric in one of the arms as compared to the other by a very very tiny amount. Roughly about a 10000th the size of a proton. This shortening was measured by the time taken for a laser bean to travel inside a vacuum within the arm. Measurement of of an almost intangible unimaginable dimension. Measurement that demonstrated a heightened sublime sensitivity.
This perceptive upgrade  is testimony to the universe being not only sensitive and intelligent, but connected in a rather inexplicable manner. Could spacetime be the invisible web that knits the entire universe into a continuous unbroken fabric and simultaneously  sustains the illusion of discreteness? The spatiotemporal grid is the foundation for  discreteness of an object. Could spacetime be a software program of billions of neurons?
The ever expanding universe is conscious and self aware. These rumblings of its own constituents being measured however raise a quantum paradox. Would this black hole or their mergers  ever have existed  if we had not been able to detect and measure these waves? Quantum mechanics emphasises the need of a conscious observer for any event to have occurred. Detection of these footprints ,thousands of light years away actually  gives birth to these black holes. A Retro Causality that  concludes  the existence of the cause only after verifying it's effect. The classical scientific reasoning based on Causality being hijacked by a heretic quantum thought process.
Our cognisance  of these gravitational waves reflects  the expansion of our consciousness.  It bears testimony to the notion  of a self referential universal consciousness rather than the epiphany of a conscious universe.

Dr Deepak Ranade

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