Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Self Realisation - A Quantum Phenomenon

Self Realisation- A quantum phenomenon?

         In accordance with the morning routine as I take a wash, I see my self in the mirror.  I am aware of myself. The face, the eyes and the rather sparse disheveled hair. I Suddenly, realise  that "I " am observing the  the image that is actually created by my self. The image, and it's cognisance are both generated by myself. The image,testimony to my existence created by myself, of myself and for myself. The image is not me, and still, i know it's me. It is a virtual me. Who is the real me? The subject,  the object or the awareness that tells me I'm neither?The entire process of Me cognising myself is a complex phenomenon. The observer, the observed and observation  are critical and deeply interconnected and  inseparable. Is a virtual image sufficient testimony to my "Being"? Is my tangible form the only affidavit to my "Beingness"? Can i cognise my Being without relying only on objective perception?
Consciousness is awareness of your body and your environment; self-awareness is recognition of that consciousness— comprehending that you are aware of your existence. It is the awareness of  “I” that creates the observer/observed dichotomy to arise. The awareness of one’s existence becomes the  reference point to cognise the external world. This ”I” becomes  a separate entity  and brings to existence all that is seen as “I” and  “not I”. The identification of “I” is a wave  that ripples outwards, which  causes and spawns this entire Creation into existence and simultaneously observes it too.
Neurologist V. Ramchandran opines-
'Self awareness is simply using mirror neurons for "looking at myself as if someone else is looking at me" (the word "me" encompassing some of my brain processes, as well). The mirror neuron mechanism — the same algorithm — that originally evolved to help you adopt another's point of view was turned inward to look at your own self."
Philippi, Rudrauf and their colleagues research suggests different areas in the brain cannot by themselves account for conscious recognition of oneself . Instead, they propose that self-awareness is a far more diffuse cognitive process, relying on many parts of the brain, including regions not located in the cerebral cortex.
Quantum physics maintains  that a system exists in superposition — that is, in all possible states — until an observer observes  it  in one specific state. Could that mean that until I observe  myself, I am in a superposition of all possible states?
Does observation of my tangible form reduce the undifferentiated impersonal consciousness into a locus that i believe to be Me? "I" may therefore not necessarily be "Me" until the act of observation reduces 'I' to "Me." Could this act of Self appraisal actually result in limiting the superpotential  of 'I' to a restrictive potential called  'Me'?  'Me'  often adulterates 'I' with various kinds of conditioning, biases, complexes, and limitations.
Self Realisation may just be the 'I' discarding the image of 'Me', -reverting to a fundamental state of quantum superposition.

Dr Deepak Ranade

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