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The Democratic Nature Of Creation

Democratic nature of creation

(Published in Speaking Tree in Times of India)

The original undivided pluripotent being had the option of remaining unmanifest. Just a state of awareness bliss and joy. Manifestation was one of the limitless options available to this source. When awareness needed to experience itself , a state of duality had to be induced . It needed to cleave itself and induce a psuedo-dichotomy of perceiver and perceived. This process of auto- lysis is very similar to the process of a developing embryo. The single cell replicates itself rather rapidly and metamorphoses into this complex and differentiated multi-organ form. So in reality we all are just one cell that has been able to differentiate itself into specified functional units. When I touch my hair it actually is the manifestation of a single cell touching another expression of itself and the same cell also has the capability to comprehend this “touch” phenomenon.
All creation is an induced illusion of duality to enable the source to experience itself. Creation therefore was crystallization of the supreme source’s wish to experience himself. The process of creation is in itself a very gratifying experience. All artistes when they create a work of art experience ecstacy on giving birth to a new idea, new thought. The sheer joy of manifesting in such diversity maybe the objective of this exercise by the source . He not only created multiple locii of consciousness but also ensured that his creation was made oblivious as to the source of “ its “ origins. Time and space were introduced by the source as the illusory media to ensure the delusion of separateness of this ‘creation’. This being was programmed with the ability to discover his origins as also provided the means to enjoy the rest of creation as well. Since the being was just a manifestation of the source, he also had all the attributes of the source. The resolve and ability to achieve anything he desires, the capacity to experience total bliss, and above all the freedom to exercise any choice.
Selfless creation mandated that the being was given an illusion of being the ‘doer ‘
The self- effacement of the source was maybe a precondition for nourishing the identity of his creation.
This illusion of being the doer and the center of the universe manifests as ego. This ego
served initially as a tool for self-preservation but as it crystallizes further it totally envelops the consciousness and serves as an impediment to realise its true nature.
The ego constantly reaffirms this illusionary duality and the more the ego hardens the further it moves the being away from the knowledge of his true identity. It then embarks on a game wherein the being gets an illusion of having control and the ability to manipulate the environment for its own happiness.
. The awareness when focused outwards gets entangled in this web of duality. Then there is no limit to its indulgence. This kaliedoscopic creation has a very potent arsenal to engage this awareness into its diverse forms. Indulgence has an addictive element to it and it keeps drawing this awareness into its throes and distancing itself from its true identity. This obsession with the materialistic world is actually as ludicrous as my hand being obsessed with my nose ! What a weird obsession indeed.
The drop of water in the ocean starts marveling at its own existence and identity and embarks on a journey armed with ignorance of its source. This divorce of the self from the knowledge of its true nature leads to the entire spectrum of emotions. Ranging from a diverse gamut, the emotions are totally subject to the cognitive interpretation of the
existential mirage. .The ultimate objective is for the perceptive apparatus(consciousness) to be able to perceive itself. This could be attained by various means and paths. This knowledge is already there within. The illusion is to look for it ‘without’ All other knowledge is duality based and may at best help in providing anologies . However anology is a very cheap substitute for experience. The purpose of creation was for the source to experience itself. Creation was like democracy. Made of the source, by the source and for the source This self awareness or apperceiving is self-realisation.

Dr.Deepak Ranade
(The author is a consultant Neurosurgeon and may be contacted at

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